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Dancing (folk-dancing)

Previous here was a list of my favourite dances. Meanwhile I don't see particular favourite dances for myself. The variety is simple too large. I like a lot of the traditional dances passed down and currently danced in north, middle and western Europe...

Favourite dance-events: dance-gigs of various folk-groups and suitable festivals

I was a few years member of the dance-group of Swedenquell. Reasonably frequent you may find me at the dance training of the MTV.

For those, who can't imagine what folk-dancing means, a visit of a dance evening is recommended. Opportunities and dates can be found here.


Learned during my times as student and aside a break at the end of the nineties always an ideal compensation for my nine-to-five job. Rather in forests and fields than on riding-square or -hall it satisfies me, to get along with the most horses, so that they don't move me away from their backs...

A few years ago I discovered trail riding for my holidays. So I sometimes like to leave the ordinary world for a few days or one to two weeks to disappear in a parallel existence almost without the present-day communication. So I discover for myself the country and its people riding. To everybody not knowing: Sitting in a saddle you may see much more than walking, cycling or driving by car. A good horse cares for itself for all the roots, stones and steps in the countryside. A rider got the time for watching, listening and enjoying.


If I'm not spreading my holiday on folk-festivals or on trail riding, I'm usually starting without concrete planning. What happens on the destination (e.g. Ireland), shall decide the life. There are so many folks, region and opportunities I don't know, so I leave the selection to the chance. Up to now the coincidence had been always a good tour guide...


Infected in summer 1997: the entirely confused coordinated keeping in flying motion of various throw-objects and the mainly crash-free moving on by means of a bisected cycle without handlebars...

My juggling quota declined within the last few years. Nevertheless I sometimes take the balls and clubs in my hands. I never got beyond  three or four balls or three clubs. May be I discovered juggling too late for myself. On the mono-cycle I'm reasonable make headway. The limiting factor there is rather my missing condition.


If I'm not have some specialized literature underneath my pillow, I prefer novels with historically background. There are to name (among others) Arnold Zweig (Der große Krieg der weißen Männer), Liselotte Welskopf-Heinrich (Das Blut des Adlers, Jan und Jutta a.o.), Lion Feuchtwanger (Erfolg, Exil, Geschwister Oppermann etc.), Johannes Tralow (Cromwell, Das Mädchen von der Grünen Insel) and not at least Walter Moers (all literature concerned with Zamonien).

Antonie De Saint-Exupéry (Der kleine Prinz) and Michael Ende (Momo) I consider as very important.


Previous here was a list of half of my CD board. Meanwhile there are that many CDs important to me - an enumeration would be quite long. So I'm limiting myself to the styles I prefer (although it's diffuse):

  • of course Folk - both the music I like to dance to and handmade music having ingenuity, humour and good lyrics
  • Medieval & Renaissance
  • Early music
  • Pop - all I put on the turntables in the school club in the eighties and I think is not too noisy

The sound of a viol (viola da gamba) inspires me.

The order in this putting up represent not an absolute league table. Depending on the state of my mind I grab once this, once that...


These internet-page shows only a few of the things important to me. Some things, once "only" an interest, are now profession (study of physics, software development, cultural commitment and more). Other things are today "only" important as an episode of my way to myself. And I'm still on this way...

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