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Version History

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This document contains the version history of the Import File Uploader.
Additional information is available in the Help and the Documentation.

Version 0.2 released at 2003-02-20:

  • Security improvements in external python scripts due to improper use by (other) ZOPE Managers.
  • Bug fix in python script manage_rename.
  • Bug fix in dtml document index_html.
  • Bug fix in dtml method handle_files.
  • Help added.
  • Documentation added.
  • Version history added.
  • Copyright information added.


Version 0.1 released at 2003-01-06:
First version ever released. Given to friends for testing and discussing.

Before any version: Motivation
During my first steps while "playing" with ZOPE I had been faced with the Problem described in the Help document. I did not seek for a solution by others (may be there is a much more perfect one than my Import File Uploader). I took the challenge for learning something about ZOPE and Python. A few days later Version 0.1 was born...

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